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II. Getting Started

Before diving into the details of how to build a shopping cart with the netShopAdmin, we will first take a minute to discuss the process that the netShopAdmin uses to save it's changes. Upon making changes within the netShopAdmin, all changes are automatically sent to your server where they are saved. Upon making changes, a yellow bar will pop up at the top of the window, giving you the options of saving your shopping cart with the changes, previewing a build of the shopping cart or undoing your changes. If you chose to preview your shopping cart, a new window will pop up with the shopping cart built in it. This will not overwrite your existing shopping cart. If you choose to save your changes, a new shopping cart will be built, overwriting the old one. Finally, if you choose to undo your changes, all changes will be reverted and the shopping cart will not be modified.

To get started building a shopping cart with the netShopAdmin, you should first be familiar with the setup wizard and the templates and skins systems used by it. As such, this document covers enough details in those areas to help you get started.

The Wizard

The netShopAdmin Wizard is intended to be an easy way to enter in all of the necessary information for getting a shopping cart up and running. If this is the first time going to your netShopAdmin installation, you will automatically be redirected to the wizard. Otherwise, you can find it by following the link on the initial page seen when logging into the netShopAdmin. The wizard can be exited at any time by clicking the "Cancel" button. If at any time during the wizard you do not have the necessary information to answer a question, it can be left blank. Upon completing the wizard, you will be taken to a page describing the other sections of the netShopAdmin as well as also being prompted for whether or not you would like to save your changes.


Templates are the component of the netShopAdmin which allow you to modify the functionality of the shopping cart being built. A template is basically a collection of HTML/SHTML files which undergo a text transformation before being built and copied to your shopping cart directory. To get started making your own template, it is recommended to make a copy of the default template and modify it to fit your needs. To do this, go to the "Templates" section of your netShopAdmin. On that page, there will be an entry for a template called "Default". Click the "Export" button and save the file. Now, unzip the downloaded file into a folder where you can work on it. When you are ready to use this template, simply zip all the files up into an archive with a name different than "Default" and upload it into your "Templates" section. For more details on templates, see the documentation on templates.


While templates control the functionality of your shopping cart, skins control the colors, fonts and styles of the pages used in your shopping cart. Changing you the currently used skin is a quick and easy way to change the style schemes of your shopping cart. To modify a skin, you simply need to have a basic knowledge of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). To get started making a custom template, it is recommended that you first go to the "Skins" section of the netShopAdmin and export the skin called "Default". After you have saved this template to your computer, change the name of it to something other than "Default.css". You can now modify it and upload it to your netShopAdmin "Skins" section when you are ready to use it. For more information on customizing skins, visit the documentation on skins.

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