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IV. Product Administration

The Product Administration section of your netShopAdmin controls all aspects of the products managed by your shopping cart. From this section it is possible to add products, import/export products, make departments, add attributes and options to products as well as export products. To begin adding products, you must first make some departments which they can belong to.


Departments are used to logically group products into categories. Before you can create any products, you must first create at least one department. There are no restrictions on the names of departments. Also, you are not allowed to delete a department containing products. If you would like to do this, you must first either remove all products from that department or assign them to another department. Finally, each department has a "Visible" attribute, which toggles whether or not that department and it's associated products show up in the shopping cart.


From the products section, it is possible to create, modify and delete the products used by your shopping cart. If you would like to find an existing product, you can do so by search for it in the search box or by selecting the department that it belongs to in the drop-down. To create a new product, simply supply the product name, price, department and optionally an SKU and press "Add". After either clicking the "Product Details" button or adding a new product, you will be taken to the product details page. This page gives access to specific details of a product such as it's options, attributes, department and related images. Any changes made on this page will apply only to the given product.

Product Attributes

Product attributes are fixed key-value pairs which can be applied to a product to provide more information. An example use of product attributes would be to specify the director, genre and playing time of a movie product. The netShopAdmin provides some default product attributes for Description, Weight and Quantity. If you would like to add additional product attributes, simply give a title for the attribute and a type and click "Add". Also worth noting is that it is possible to use product attributes for calculating shipping.

Product Options & Customizations

Product options and customizations provide a way for customers to be able to select a particular option during checkout which relates to a specific product. A good example of the use of product options would be if you were selling a t-shirt, you could have a product option allowing customers to choose the size of the t-shirt. To add a product option simply specify a name, type, description and additional price for the customization. If you do not want to charge extra for the product option, you can specify a price of 0. Also, if you select the type of the product option to be "Drop Down", you will be taken to a page where you can edit the values of the drop down.

Import Products

The Import Products section can be useful for people who would like to keep track of their products via a spreadsheet or database application, or simply have a list of existing products. To import products, you must have a spreadsheet file (.xls, .csv or .ods) containing each product on it's own row, with each column being a different product attribute/option. To import the spreadsheet click the "Browse" button and select the file to import. You will then be presented with the first four lines from your spreadsheet. If the first line of your spreadsheet is used as a row for headings, you can click the checkbox labeled "Ignore this column" to ignore it. Finally, you must change each drop-down at the top of the columns to correspond to the data it represents. At a minimum, your spreadsheet must provide the following required fields:

Export Products

Similar to the Import Products section, the Export Products section allows you to export your products into a format which is friendly for spreadsheet and database applications. To export your products, simply select the departments which you would like to export, and click the "Export Products" button. You should then be prompted to save a file which will contain your products.

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