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I. Introduction & Table of Contents

Internet Connection's netShopAdmin is a friendly, easy-to-use frontend to our netShop shopping solution. The netShopAdmin runs exclusively on and comes free with our UNIX/Linux web hosting accounts.

The netShopAdmin can be easily utilized to build a shopping cart using netShop, as well as add/remove/edit products, track orders, process payments, view reports, manage customer mailing lists and many other features. By taking the time to read this documentation, you will soon be ready to build a shopping cart using the netShopAdmin. And, if the documentation doesn't answer all of your questions, we have friendly, helpful support technicians available to assist you.

The netShopAdmin is a package that may be installed from the netconsole. Upon installing the netShopAdmin, netShop and any necessary dependencies will also be installed.

How to Use This Documentation

This documentation is divided into sections corresponding to the necessary information for getting started using the netShopAdmin, followed by information corresponding to the sections that make up the netShopAdmin.

  1. Introduction
  2. Getting Started
    A. The Wizard
    B. Templates
    C. Skins
  3. Order Administration
    A. View Orders
    B. Reports
    C. Export Orders
  4. Product Administration
    A. Departments
    B. Products
    C. Product Attributes
    D. Product Options & Customizations
    E. Import Products
    F. Export Products
  5. Promotion Administration
    A. Coupons & Gift Certificates
    B. Mailing Lists
    C. Gift Wrapping
    D. Customer Feedback
  6. Shop Administration
    A. Skins
    B. Templates
    C. Outgoing Email Templates
    D. Localization
    E. Store Profile/Contacts
    F. Payment Methods
    G. Payment Gateways
    H. Shipping
    I. Tax

These instructions assume that you have just installed the netShopAdmin, and have yet to edit any part of it. Upon installing the netShopAdmin into a specified directory, the shopping cart for the netShopAdmin will be built in that directory, while access to the netShopAdmin can be done by going to that directory in a web browser with "/admin" appended to it.

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