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I . Introduction & Table of Contents

Internet Connection's netShop is a feature-rich, efficient, e-commerce shopping solution that runs exclusively on, and comes free with, our Unix/Linux web hosting accounts.

The netShop online storefront may easily be added to your website. If you take your time and completely read this documentation, you will find that netShop can be installed and configured with minimum effort. And, if the the documentation doesn't answer all of your questions, we have friendly, helpful support technicians available to assist you.

Netshop is a package that may be installed from netconsole.

How to Use This Documentation

This documentation is divided into sections corresponding to the files that make up the netShop:

  1. Introduction
  2. Example Carts
  3. The Product List
    A. Transitional (basic) product list
    B. Preferred (advanced) product list
  4. The Welcome Pages
    A. index.html
    B. nocookie.html
  5. The Catalog Pages
    A. Product sorting
    B. Product categorization
  6. Cart Checkout
  7. Ordering
  8. Cart Add-ons

We recommend that you begin by reading the the first four sections of this documentation. These instructions assume that you have just installed the shopping cart, and have yet to edit any part of it.

For those looking for quick answers to common netShop questions, the netShop FAQ is an excellent resource.

Getting Started

The first step in configuring netShop, after installing the cart, is to download the files from the directory netShop was installed in so that you may edit them. To edit the files, we recommend that you do not use any of the What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) editors (i.e. Microsoft® FrontPage®, Adobe PageMill, Claris Home Page etc.). Instead, employ a simple text editor such as Windows Notepad, MacOS' SimpleText or Vi/VIM for *nix systems. The reason for this is that many WYSIWYG editors will alter the code that the cart requires to function.

Note: The rendering engine of the Internet Connection Shopping Cart is executed using regular HTML code; the cart uses HTML files to generate its ultimate look. Thus, it is not necessary, nor is it recommended, to edit the Perl or JavaScript files in the cart package.

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