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V. Promotion Administration

The Promotion Administration section of your netShopAdmin is where you can create coupons and gift certificates, manage mailing lists which customers can subscribe to as well as create options for gift wrapping.

Coupons & Gift Certificates

Coupons and gift certificates in the netShopAdmin use essentially the same interface, the only exception being that a gift certificate would have the "Use Once" attribute selected, whereas a coupon would not. To create a new coupon or gift certificate, simply either use the ID given or specify your own and give an amount and expiration date. The amount of the coupon can be specified either as a percentage (some number ending with a %) or in some kind of currency format. In order for a customer to use a coupon or gift certificate, all that is needed is for them to provide the coupon ID at checkout.

Mailing Lists

The Mailing Lists section of the netShopAdmin is useful if you would like to allow customers to be able to subscribe to a mailing list during the checkout process. If a mailing list is enabled, the checkout process will automatically include a checkbox where the customer can sign up for future updates from your organization. When a customer chooses to sign up, they will receive an automated confirmation email. When you first go to the Mailing Lists section, you will be provided the choice of creating a new mailing list or using an existing one. If you choose to create a new list, a new private, moderated mailing list will be set up with the name provided. Likewise, if you choose to use an existing list, no mailing lists will be created and an existing one will be used. Upon choosing a mailing list you will be provided with a screen where you can specify the moderators (people who can post) of the mailing list as well as edit the contents of the automated confirmation message.

Gift Wrapping

If your organization provides a gift wrapping service, it is easy to enable through the Gift Wrapping section. All that you need to do is specify names and prices for the different kinds of gift wrappings provided by your organization. They will then automatically be offered during the checkout procedure.

Customer Feedback

With the Customer Feedback section, you are able to create optional fields with which the user will be prompted when checking out. This allows you to get feedback regarding things such as how a client found your product, special shipping instructions and any necessary notes regarding the order.

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