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Using SSL Encryption for Login

When most people think about security and privacy on the Internet their thoughts turn mostly to encryption. After all, your website administration should be secure. You don't want anyone intercepting your login information, and SSL is your best method of protecting your username and password.

SSL is a transparent protocol that provides automatic trust verification and application-level encryption. Most applications that utilize SSL have some kind of visual indicator, such as a pad-lock, or an alert message to inform the user when an SSL-protected transport is being used.

Activating SSL for your server

Setting up your sever to use SSL encryption couldn't be easier! Simply fill out our secured form. Click here to view our sign up form. Every Internet Connection hosting account includes a free SSL account and you will not be charged for this service.

Protecting Your Information

Once SSL is enabled for your server, simply type http://www.sslserver.com/netmail.yourdomainname.com into your web browser to access your Netmail securely. Note: You will have to enter your SSL username and password, followed by your Netmail username and password.

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