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Using the SVFilter

In an effort to reduce the amount of spam email messages received by its customers, Internet Connection has developed a system to filter spam from mailboxes on our network - the SVFilter. By using it's own special scoring algorithm, the SVFilter can accurately distinguish between legitimate email messages and those that are spam.

In addition to being able to identify and intercept bulk email, the SVFilter is also able to do the same for viruses sent via email. Messages that contain viruses are stripped of all malicious content and delivered normally.

Enabling the SVFilter

The SVFilter can be enabled for any email box through the Mailboxes section of the netConsole. To enable or disable the SVFilter for an account, simply check or uncheck the SVFilter box for that account:

Mailbox name   Password (hidden) SVFilter Autorespond      
  netConsole's Add New User button    
billy   netConsole's Modify User button   netConsole's Delete button

By default the SVFilter is not enabled for any mailboxes and the SVFilter cannot be enabled for forwarding email addresses.

In the near future, individual users will be able to manage the SVFilter settings on their own mailbox, including enabling/disabling it and whitelist administration, all from the emailAdmin.

SVFilter Reports

Mailboxes that have the SVFilter enabled will receive reports throughout the day. These reports list information about the messages that were identified as spam and caught by the filter. Reports are generated at 00:00, 06:00, 12:00, and 18:00 GMT.

In addition to these automatically generated reports, users may generate a report at anytime by sending a blank email to username-report@your-domain-name. For example, if your mail username is "benny", you would send a blank message to benny-report@your-domain-name to request a SVFilter report.

Here is an example SVFilter report. Please click on the image for a larger version.

An example SVFilter Report - click for a larger version.

Each SVFilter report contains information on the messages caught by the filter as well as controls for retreiving and whitelisting messages in the report.

Retreiving Messages and Whitelisting Senders

Retrieving a message moves it into your Inbox. This is useful if you are not sure whether or not you want to continue receiving messages from that sender.

Whitelisting adds the sender to your whitelist so that they are not considered spam, and moves the message into your Inbox. This is especially useful if you subscribe to a mailing list that looks a lot like spam to the SVFilter.

If you wanted to view this message, simply click on the Retrieve link. If you no longer wanted messages from this sender to be considered spam, click on the Whitelist link.

Note: You will encounter an error when attempting to retreive/whitelist a message/sender that has already been retreived/whitelisted. You will also receive an error if you try to retreive/whitelist a message that you have moved from your Spam folder yourself.

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