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General FAQ - Reselling

  1. What is Internet Connection's Value Added Reseller (VAR) Program?
  2. Who are some of the people involved in Internet Connection's VAR program?
  3. Do you have any guidelines regarding pricing to my clients?
  4. Can I Sub-Host Sites, as in " ?
  5. How do I create new, resold, accounts?

1. What is Internet Connection's Value Added Reseller (VAR) Program?

Put simply, Internet Connection's VAR / Reseller program allows anyone to offer web hosting services. This program was created with website design and internet consulting firms specifically in mind. For companies like these, the ability to offer complete internet solutions to their clients is invaluable. However, the high cost of setting up a hosting service often requires that this service be outsourced. This is where our VAR program comes in.

Enrolling in the VAR program is easy. Use the Internet Connection Reseller Program form to obtain a Reseller's Account with us. In exchange for a 10% discount on your hosting fees*, you handle all sales, billing, and support to your customer. We will be invisible to your customers but our staff will be available to answer all of your support questions directly. We want to establish a long-term, stable partnership that will benefit us both. You're free to charge your customers whatever setup and monthly serving fees you see fit, and we will never contact or attempt to solicit business from them. We will not compete with you, period.

Internet Connection's VAR program has been put together with many features and tools that will make your hosting service more marketable and easier to manage:

  • Exclusive Branding Rights - Internet Connection has developed two of the finest browser-based control centers in the industry and our Resellers receive exclusive licensing rights to these programs. By "branding" netConsole and netMail with your own company logo, graphics, and text, you can gain a real marketing advantage selling your design and hosting services.
  • Server-level Email Control - Our Server-level Email Tool allows you to access email messages directly on the server. It's designed so that oversized attachments, which hinder clients on slow connections, can be instantly deleted. Simply log-in with the username and password and delete the message(s). This helpful program can also be used to verify a user's password and as a message indexing tool.
  • Your Own DNS Servers - When registering your client's domain names, it is required that there be two DNS servers listed in the domain registration information. Even though you can be the Administrative, Technical, and Billing Contact for the domain name, unless you have your own dedicated servers, it is impossible to have your own DNS server information. If one of your clients runs a whois lookup of their domain name, they will see your hosting ISP's DNS server information. Internet Connection offers a solution to our resellers with Virtual DNS.

With very little overhead and the experience of an industry leader behind you, a successful website hosting service is just a click away.

2. Who are some of the people involved in Internet Connection's VAR program?

Our current resellers include web designers, internet consultants, hosting services, individual companies and individuals.

3. Do you have any guidelines regarding pricing for my clients?

The prices our VARs charge seems to be based on the conditions their market will bear and the amount of time and costs they have involved in acquiring and servicing the client. There is one guideline we will pass along, you can assure your client that they have one of the finest hosting services available on the Internet.

4. Can I Sub-Host Sites, as in " ?

Yes, we are the only hosting company we know of that allows this. The reasons others services don't allow sub-hosting are valid. Sub-Hosting eats up their resources through increased bandwidth usage, increased disk space usage (most of their virtual accounts don't use up all that they are allocated giving them more room for more virtuals on a single server), and higher demands on the CPU and controllers.

We allow sub-hosting because we don't over-load our servers.

  • Our machines are very high performance servers.
  • We have allocated you the full amount of your disk space.
  • We have an abundance of bandwidth to support you.

We understand that you may need to sub-host a smaller customer to reduce their serving costs and help attract them to using the internet as a marketing medium. Our experiences, and most probably yours, show that these customers will probably move up to using a domain name in the future, helping us both expand our businesses.

5. How do I create new resold accounts?

Internet Connection's resellers must use the dedicated VAR forms for registering/transferring domain names and creating new hosting accounts:

Your new hosting accounts will be activated with-in 24 hours of the time you placed the order. If you need to, we can provide you same hour, same day service by contacting us by phone. Please understand that we need to charge a high-priority fee of $25.00 to cover the additional requirements this places on us.