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Protecting a Resource

  1. Go to Domains > domain name > Password ProtectedDirectories.
  2. Click Add New Directory.
  3. Specify the path to the directory that you wish to password protect in the Directory name box.

    This can be any directory existing in your site, for example:/private. If the directory that you would like to protect has not yet been created, specify the path and the directory name Parallels Plesk Panel will create it for you.

  4. Specify in what location (also called document root) your password protected directory resides or will reside (available only for Linux hosting). For example:
    • To protect the httpdocs/private directory, type '/private' in the Directory name box and select the Non-SSL check box.
    • To protect the httpsdocs/private directory, type '/private' in the Directory name box and select the SSLcheck box.
    • To protect your CGI scripts stored in the cgi-bindirectory, leave '/' in the Directory name box and select the cgi-bin check box. Make sure there are no white spaces after the slash symbol; otherwise, a protected directory will be created with the name consisting of white spaces.
  5. In the Header Text box, type a resource description or a welcoming message that your users will see when they visit your protected area.
  6. Click OK. The directory you specified will be protected.
  7. To add authorized users, click Add New User.
  8. Specify the login name and password that will be used for accessing the protected area. The password should be from 5 to 14 symbols in length. Click OK.
  9. To add more authorized users for this protected resource, repeat the steps 7 and 8.