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Setting Up Subdomains (Windows Hosting)

To set up a subdomain:

  1. Go to Domains > domain name > Subdomains.
  2. Click Add New Subdomain.
  3. Select the required Hosting type and click OK:
    • Select Physical hosting to create a virtual host for the domain.
    • Select Subdomain on subfolder to create a virtual subdomain. Subdomain on subfolder will use physical structure of the domain. The creation of a separate FTP user account will not be possible: the FTP user account of the domain will be used.
  4. Type the subdomain name as required. This can be, for example, a topic of a site, organization department, or any other combination of letters, numbers and hyphens (up to 63 characters in length). To add the WWW prefix, select the appropriate check box.

    The subdomain name must begin with an alphabet character. Subdomain names are case insensitive.

  5. If you are creating subdomain on subfolder, specify the physical location for the subdomain files in the Site home directory field:
    • Clear the Create physical directory for subdomain check box and specify the existing directory to the right ofhttpdocs field. You can click to browse for the required directory, select it and click OK.
    • Leave the Create physical directory for subdomain check box selected to create a corresponding physical directory with the same name as the subdomain.
  6. If you are creating subdomain with physical hosting, specify the FTP user account for it:
    • If this subdomain will hold a part of your own Web site that you manage on your own, leave the Use the FTP user account of the main domain option selected.
    • If this subdomain will hold a separate web site that will belong to or will be managed by another person, select theCreate a separate user account for this subdomain option, and specify the login name and password that will be used for accessing the web space through FTP and publishing web site content. Specify the hard disc quota in the appropriate field in megabytes or leave the Unlimited check box selected. When the specified limit is exceeded, you will not be able to add files to the web space, and editing existing files may corrupt them.
  7. If you wish to limit the amount of disk space that can be occupied by web content under this subdomain, type the desired value in megabytes into the Hard disk quota box.

    When the specified limit is exceeded, you will not be able to add files to the web space, and editing existing files may corrupt them.

  8. Leave the Create and publish site with Sitebuilder check box selected to be able to access Sitebuilder and build web site through your Parallels Plesk Panel interface. When the Create and publish site with Sitebuilder option is selected, a site will be created in Sitebuilder.

    All publishing parameters will be set in the paths predefined: for subdomain with Physical hosting - /subdomains/SUBDOMAINNAME/httpdocs/sitebuilder; for subdomain with Subdomain on subfolder - /httpdocs/SUBDOMAINNAME/.

  9. If you want to enable Microsoft FrontPage support, select the appropriate check box. Enable or disable Remote Microsoft FrontPage authoring by selecting the appropriate option.
  10. Specify the programming languages support in the Services group by selecting the required languages. Use select allor clear all to select or clear all of the languages available.

    If the ASP.NET support is disabled on the domain for which you are creating subdomain, it is also unavailable onSubdomain on subfolder. In case the ASP.NET support is enabled on the domain, the ASP.NET is available for subdomain created on a subfolder.

  11. To allow you to view the information on the number of people visited the site and the pages of the site they viewed, select a module in Web statistics drop-down menu and select the accessible via password protected directory /plesk-stat/webstat check box, if required. This will install the selected statistical software module, which will generate reports and place them into the password protected directory. The subdomain administrator will then be able to access Web statistics at the URL: using their FTP account login and password.

    Note: If subdomain administrator changes the FTP credentials, web statistics access credentials do not change. The original login and password specified upon the subdomain creation should always be used for accessing password-protected Web statistics directory.

  12. Select the Additional write/modify permissions option if this subdomain's Web applications will use a file-based database (like Jet) located in the root of httpdocs or httpsdocs folders. Please note that selecting this option might seriously compromise the web site security.
  13. To complete the setup, click OK. It may take up to 48 hours for the information on new subdomain to spread in the Domain Name System and become available to the Internet users.