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CGI Troubleshooter

The CGI Troubleshooter is a CGI checking and debugging tool that tests the configuration of CGI scripts on your site. If an error is found in the CGI tested, it will also offer possible solutions and in many cases, even fix the problem.

To access the CGI Troubleshooter, first click on the "Website Tools" link on the main page of your netConsole:

Then either click on the link titled "Troubleshoot CGI Programs", or the icon on the top or bottom of the page.

This will take you to a page similar to the one shown below. The CGI Troubleshooter searches both your /cgi-bin directory and your /webshare directory as well as all subdirectories and lists all CGIs found on your site.

The CGI Troublshooter looks for the most common causes for problems in CGI Scripts such as:

Testing a CGI

  1. To have the CGI Troubleshooter test the script for compilation and run-time errors, simply click on the name of the CGI on the page shown above.
  2. Once the Troubleshooter has completed its diagnostic, you will be taken to a new screen and a report of possible problems will be displayed along with suggested solutions.
  3. The Troubleshooter is designed to detect and report any and all errors in a script. Not all reported errors are fatal to the program, so the CGI may still run.
  4. If the "Test" procedure indicates any errors, the Fix procedure will aid in repairing the CGI Script.

Fixing a CGI

In some instances, such as cases where the incorrect file transfer mode was used (Binary rather than ASCII) or permissions problems, the CGI Troubleshooter will automatically make the necessary modifications and conversions to fix the problem. In all other instances, such as those caused by coding problems, it will suggest a course of action the user must take to correct the problem on their own.

If the CGI Troubleshooter is able to fix problems it finds for you, a button you may click on to fix the problems will appear on the page showing the results of the CGI Troubleshooter's diagnostic.

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