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netConsole: ezSecure

ezSecure creates a secured directory in a web-server that can only be accessed by a specific group of users who are selected by the webmaster.

ezSecure can be used to provide a variety of valuable online services. Here are only a few examples:

  • Create a company magazine, with private access for your employees.
  • Secure a unique entertainment service by allowing users to purchase access to your web-site.
  • Put prototype software online, and restrict access to a worldwide team of testers.


Setting up ezSecure

Once you install an ezSecure directory, you may upload the web pages, graphics and other files that you would like to use for the secured area.

Once you have completed development of your secured site area, the next step is to configure ezSecure to allow the selected users access to the directory.

To create a new user account for an ezSecure directory, click on the "Create User/Password" link on the sidebar of the configuration page for the ezSecure installation in question, as shown below:

This will take you to the page shown below, where you select a Login Name, Password, and any Groups you wish the user to belong to. Groups are useful to logically group users together. Web pages and/or CGI scripts must be specially built to take advantage of them. If you do not know that you have need for ezSecure groups then you may leave them blank.

Modifying Users

To modify users, first go to the main configuration page for your ezSecure directory, where the users will be listed. Click on the name of the user you wish to modify. Doing so will take you to a screen where you may change the user's password, and add the user to groups. Be sure to click the "Save Changes" button once you have made the desired changes

To delete a user, click the "Delete" link on the sidebar or the icon.


ezSecure Configuration

If you wish, you may provide a hyperlink to the secured page in any web page by using the address listed on the installed packages menu.

For example, if you created a secured directory you would add the following text code to your html file:

<a href="">This area requires a username and password.</a>

The page is secured, so only registered users may complete the link. Be sure to place a notice on the link that it is secure, to explain to unregistered users why they can not enter the directory.

When a user attempts to access the secured directory, they will be prompted for their username and password. When the correct information is entered the prompt, the user will be given access to the site.


Things to Remember

Should ezSecure fail to work properly, we recommend that you delete and re-install it from the netConsole.

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