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Aliased and Forwarded Email Accounts

The terms email aliasing and email forwarding refer to the same thing, the redirection of email messages sent to one or more email accounts to other email "boxes". The only difference between an alias and a forward is the destination of the messages they handle. An email alias sends the messages to another account on the server. A forwarded account redirects it's messages off-server, your AOL email address for example.

Creating Email Aliases/Forwards

Creating aliased/forwarded accounts through your netConsole is very easy. First click on Forwading Addresses from the main screen of netConsole, which will take you to the screen shown below:

From this screen you may click on "Create a new forward" or the icon to begin creating a forwarding address.

After doing so, you should be taken to a form where you can specify the details of the forward that you are creating:

Forwarding Address

This is where you must specify the name of the forward. This name will be the first part of the email address. For example, if you entered "john", the email address will be


This is where you must specify the destination address(es) of the forward. If you need to specify more than one address, you must do so by either separating each address with a comma and a space, or by adding one address per line, clicking the "Add" button, and repeating the process until you have added all the addresses you wish to be destinations for the the forward.


There are two options available to you when creating a new forward. These are: "Automatically reply to email messages sent to this address", and "Automatically bounce all mail sent to this address".

Automatically reply to email messages sent to this address

If this box is checked, you will be taken to another page after clicking on the "Create Forward" button which will allow you to enter a message that will automatically be sent as a reply to any email sent to the forwarding address.

Automatically bounce all mail sent to this address

If this box is checked, all mail sent to this address will be bounced with the bounce message you specify on the following page.

There are a few things to keep in mind when setting up your aliased/forwarded accounts:

  • You can't create aliased/forwarded address with an account name that is already in use by a another email account, be it an alias/forwarding account or an actual mailbox.
  • When providing destinations for your aliased accounts (mail goes to another account on the server) you only have to provide the username of the destination address.
  • Your aliased and forwarded accounts can have mutliple destinations. Simply separate each destination with a comma.

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