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FrontPage Extensions

The FrontPage extensions package allows customers hosted on one of Internet Connection's unix website hosting accounts to use Microsoft's popular FrontPage WYSIWYG website authoring program. Prior to January of 2004, customers wishing to use FrontPage were limited to our Windows 2000 hosting account. Now, with the FrontPage package, you can use 99% of the features offered by FrontPage on your unix account. Guestbooks, discussion boards, web publishing, everything but FrontPage's ASP and database functionality is supported.

FrontPage and Authors

Creating new FrontPage authors on Windows Hosting accounts has never been supported because of security concerns. However, with our unix hosting accounts, additional FrontPage authors can safely be created under the Authors section of the netConsole. The Authors section normally allows you to create additional FTP user accounts under your website, but once the FrontPage server extensions are installed, creating a new author in the netConsole also sets their home directory up as a new subweb.

Things to Remember

As with Windows FrontPage webs, it is highly recommended that if you use FrontPage to edit or upload files to your site, that you do not make modifications via FTP. Modifications made through FTP may not be picked up by FrontPage's versioning scheme, which may cause problems the next time you try to publish using FrontPage.

FrontPage ASP and database functions are not supported in the unix hosting environment and are only supported on Windows FrontPage webs.

Should the FrontPage extensions package fail to work properly, we recommend that you delete and re-install it from the netConsole.

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