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The second section of your netConsole is used to administer your email boxes.

Creating Mailboxes

Creating mailboxes via netConsole is very easy. After logging into netConsole click on the Mailboxes link shown below:

If you have not yet created any mailboxes or for your domain, you will be presented with the following screen:

After clicking on "Create a new user", fill out the form on the following page with the desired information. For example, if you wanted to create a user "user1", first enter user1 in the field labled "User Name: ". Next, enter the password for the mailbox in the field labeled "Password: " and again in the field labeled "Confirm Password: ". Please note that the account name and password are case-sensitive.

On the final page of the creation process, you can choose the following options for the user you are creating by checking the boxes associated with the options: "Enable spam and virus filter", "Automatically reply to email messages sent to this address", and "Archive messages by email forwading".

The spam and virus filter is discussed in more detail in the IC Tech. Ref Document Using the SVFilter.

Email autoreponders are discussed in more detail in the IC Tech. Ref Document Email Autoresponders.

Email forwading is discussed in more detail in the IC Tech. Ref Document Email Forwading/Aliasing.

Once this information is entered, click the Create User button to create the account.

Modifying User Accounts

User accounts may be modified by clicking on the username from the main Mailboxes and Authors page within the netConsole:

Once a username has been clicked on, you will be presented with the following screen:

Changing Passwords

Passwords function like the key for a Post Office box. To open your Post Office box, you would need the exact key. The exact key to access your pop account is the password.

If the password for your mailbox is "SeCRet" you must use SeCRet to check the account. secret will not work, nor will SECRET.

Passwords may be changed by simply entering the new password in the designated fields and clicking the "Save Changes" button. The modification will take effect immediately.

User Actions

The Actions sidebar presents you with a number of actions that may be taken. One may choose to create a new user or delete the current user by clicking on either "Create a new user", or "Delete user", respectively.

Alternatively, one may create a new user or delete the selected user by clicking on the and buttons displayed at the top of the screen.

The other actions available to you allow you to to enable the following on the selected user: spam and virus filtering, message archiving, autoresponding, and authoring. These options are covered in more detail in the support documents referenced below.

About Mailboxes

An electronic mailbox is much like a conventional mailbox for postal mail. Messages that are sent to your email account are stored on the server until you retrieve the messages using your email client.

Your email client can usually be configured to use either the Post Office Protocol (POP) or Internet Mail Access Protocol (IMAP).

When using IMAP, the messages remain on the server so that you can access those messages from another physical location (i.e. your office, home etc.). IMAP can also be more efficient, because you don't download the messages from the server that you don't want (e.g. using filters or by examining the message headers) thus allowing you to save on bandwidth.

POP on the other hand retreives the email from the server. This means you must first download the messages to your client before reading them.

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