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netConsole: Introduction to Packages

The netConsole offers 21 packages that you may install and configure to enhance your website. To install any of these packages first click on the "Package Installation" link from the main page of your netConsole, as shown below:

Selecting a package

On the following screen, choose the package you wish to install from the drop down menu and click the "Install" button. Each package listed on the menu contains a brief description of what the package does.

Upon clicking the "Install" button you will be taken to a screen with more detailed information about configuring the package to be installed. At the bottom of this page is a button that allows you to finalize the installation once you have read the configuration instructions. To learn more about the individual packages, please consult the documents referenced below.

Deleting Packages

To remove an installed package, simply click on the package name from the main Packages page. This will take you to the particular package's configuration page, where you may delete the package by either clicking on the Uninstall Package link on the sidebar, or by clicking on the icon at the top or bottom of the page.

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