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Thumbprint is an add-on that allows you to automatically generate thumbnails of your images on your webpages. The size and quality are user-configured, and can even allow for multiple thumbnail configurations.

Configuring Thumbprint

Once Thumbprint has been installed via netConsole's Package Installer, you may access the configuration menu. There are three configuration fields here:
  • Width: the width of the thumbnails in pixels
  • Height: the height of the thumbnails in pixels
  • Quality: the image quality, expressed as a percentage of the quality of the source image.
Specifying a height but no width will allow Thumbprint to scale the thumbnails' width in proportion to the source images' dimensions. Specifying both width and height may cause undesired stretching and distortion.

These images have been given a height of 100 pixels, but no width was specified. Thumbprint has scaled the width of each image in proportion to its height.

Both a width and a height of 100 pixels have been specified for these images. Note the stretching.

Using Thumbprint

Now that Thumbprint has been installed and configured, all you need is an image from which you would like a thumbnail created. In the HTML of your webpage, link to your source image with the following special path:

<img src="/$$THUMB$$/path/to/sourceimage.gif-or-jpg">

For example, if you had a webpage in /webshare/myphotoalbum/, and you wanted to thumbnail a source image called monkeys.jpg located in /webshare/images/zoo/, you would use this code in your HTML:

<img src="/$$THUMB$$/images/zoo/monkeys.jpg">

Multiple Thumbnail Configuration

Thumbprint allows you to override the default configuration for specific source image directories with a simple file, uploaded to your source image directory. This file is named .thumbprintoverride, and is a three-line text file. An example:

width 150
quality 69

A .thumbprintoverride file with these settings would force Thumbprint to create 150-pixel wide thumbnails of 69% quality (that scaled thumbnail height proportionately) for any source images located in the same directory as the .thumbprintoverride file. You may want to do this if you want some thumbnails in your site to be one size but others another size.

Things to Remember

If you are using .thumbprintoverride files, make sure that they are uploaded in ASCII format.

Should Thumbprint otherwise fail to work properly, we recommend that you delete and re-install it from the netConsole.