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Introducing netAdmin

Sent: 2002/07/02
Audience: All customers

Internet Connection is proud to introduce the newest addition to it's line of products and services - netAdmin.

netAdmin is a modular management platform developed in-house by Internet Connection for use by its web hosting customers. Like the other products included with an Internet Connection website hosting account, netConsole and netMail, the netAdmin is web-based and can be accessed by any computer with a connection to the Internet and a web browser.

Initially, we are offering netAdmin as a method for managing billing and account-oriented data. With it you will have access to real-time account billing information such as:

netAdmin also allows you to make a payment online as well as quickly and easily update credit card information and billing contact information all through an easy to use browser-based interface.

In the very near future, the netAdmin will serve as the central management tool for the functions that are currently provided via your netConsole in addition to new features that have not yet been introduced.

The release of netAdmin was made possible through our recent migration from the old billing system to our new one. With this new system in place we're now able to offer an elevated level of service that we hope you will find to be unmatched in the website hosting market.

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