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New Package Added to UNIX netConsole: 404 Notification Script

Sent: 2002/10/04
Audience: Unix hosting customers

Internet Connection is proud to inform you of the newest addition to your UNIX-based netConsole: the 404 Notification Script.

The 404 Notification Script was first created in-house to help keep an eye on file not found errors caused by updates performed to the Internet Connection website.

As a website evolves, pages often get moved, removed or renamed. When these pages are requested, the server will not be able to find them so it sends back the HTTP response "404 - file not found". This is usually frustrating to visitors to your site and can also be detrimental to your site's search engine rankings as well. Afterall, if search engine spiders find that many pages in their databases are no longer there, those pages will be removed from the databases. The 404 Notification Script allows you to avoid these things by notifying you when a 404 error occurs.

By sending you an email with the URL to the document that was not found as well as the URL to the referring document (if there was one), the 404 script enables to you to take steps to remedy this. This will ensure that your visitors, as well as search engine spiders, have 404- free experience while on your site.

The 404 script is completely customizable and can be configured to send email to any address you like. It can also can be configured to ignore user-specified documents (i.e. robots.txt, a text file that most search engine's look for when they spider your site.) which can help keep you from getting an excessive number of email messages from the script.

Read more about the 404 notification script, including modification and customization tips, please visit the technical document in the Internet Connection Customer Support Area. 2004-2005 ©