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Introducing the Formal DSN Code Generator for Access and SQL Databases

Sent: 2002/10/29
Audience: Windows hosting customers

For customer's utilizing Access or SQL databases, getting the database set-up has previously required waiting for Internet Connection Support Technicians to set up the System DSN. Although this normally does not take much time, it still is an added step that can be avoided. First, some background.

A DSN, which stands for Data Source Name, is a string containing all the information needed by the server-based connection manager to establish a conduit for communicating with a data source. A DSN is needed by an application that wants to communicate in a well-defined and portable manner with a database.

Under the Windows platform, Object Linking and Embedding (OLE) and Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) are the two most common methods for performing database operations. The connection manager (ADODB) uses DSN's to set up the objects used for communication with both of these systems.

Because the formal syntax for a DSN is fragile, most developers take advantage of System or User DSN's - which are essentially aliases for the more formal definition.

As mentioned above, System and User DSN's both require Administrator access to set up, a technician must ordinarily translate what the information that you provide into a System or User DSN.

To make it easier on developers and our users, Internet Connection now provides a web-accessible tool for generating formal DSN's so that you can start using your database immediately. Often mis-called DSNless connections, these formal DSN connections allow you to create and maintain your databases much more efficiently.

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