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New Product Enhancement, emailAdmin

Sent: 2003/03/03
Audience: All customers

Internet Connection is proud to release to its customer a new product enhancement - emailAdmin.

Like the other administrative tools and features that come bundled with our web hosting packages, the emailAdmin was created to provide more control and greater convenience to our customers.

The emailAdmin is a Java-based application that gives regular mail users administrative-level access to their mail accounts. With the emailAdmin, email users are able to:

all tasks that, in the past, would have required administrator-level access. The site administrator can still perform these functions via the account's web-based control panel, netConsole. However, the emailAdmin provides a "lite" version of the netConsole where individual users can make modifications only affecting their own email account without requiring site administrator access or intervention.

The emailAdmin can be accessed by two means: locally via a Java JAR file and remotely through your web browser.

For more information on this new product enhancement, please visit these pages:

Introducing the emailAdmin

Customer Support: emailAdmin

Resellers: To make the emailAdmin available to your clients please contact us.

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