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Enhanced Log Analysis Reports in netConsole

Sent: 2003/03/25
Audience: Unix hosting customers

Since we first introduced a web-based control panel for use by our web hosting customers, the most popular feature has been the Log Analysis section. This area provides webmasters with detailed reports on their site's traffic. Valuable information on hourly, daily and monthly visitor statistics as well as referrer, bandwidth and user agent statistics can be found here and is always available to any computer with a connection to the Internet.

In an effort to make these reports even more valuable to our customer, Internet Connection has upgraded the software that provides these reports. In addition to providing all of the features and information that you're familiar with, the new version of the log-reporting software adds the following information to it's reporting:

Summary/Monthly Detail: Pages Statistics

"Files" statistics for sites have always been provided, but now the Log Analysis reports feature "Pages" statistics. Where the "Files" stats give you information on every file that has been requested, the "pages" stats give you information on just the pages that have been requested.

This information now appears in the monthly, daily, hourly statistics sections.

Summary/Monthly Details: Visit Statistics

Like the new "pages" statistics feature, the new "visits" information provides more usable information than what was available previously. Before, you were given information on "hits" which represents the total number of requests made during a certain time period. This includes requests for not just your pages, but images, movies or any other files that are in your pages or otherwise linked to on your site. For a true idea of how many visitors you recieve, the "visits" statistics provide a more useful and representative number.

This information now appears in the monthly, daily, hourly statistics sections.

In addition to the above, the monthly details sections now also feature:

For more information on Log Analysis section of the netConsole, please visit these pages:

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