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Beta Testers Needed for New Spam Filtering System

Sent: 2003/04/11
Audience: All customers

Spam--it is unsolicited bulk or junk email that clogs inboxes world- wide, and is perhaps one of the most annoying aspects of email com- munications. In an effort to reduce this annoyance, Internet Connection is developing a system to filter spam email messages from mailboxes on ournetwork. We are currently looking for volunteers to assist us in beta testing the system.

Before becoming a beta tester for this system, there are a few things you should be aware of before you decide to do so. Most notably is a possible simple modification to your mail client's settings. You will need to modify your mail settings in your e-mail client to use a different format so the test server will recognize your account. We will disclose further details on your configuration modifications if you choose to join our test group. Additionally, you will most likely need to go back into your netConsole to reset the passwords on your mail accounts. Beyond that, mail service should run as normal, and all mail, including messages identified by the spam filter as spam, will be easily retrievable in the event a legitimate message is incorrectly identified as spam.

During this test phase we are looking for approximately 20 clients to test and give us valuable feedback on the spam filter's performance and its interaction. Any suggestions on how to improve the spam filter's operability are welcome.

If you wish to join our spam filter test group, please contact our Support Desk ( and notify them of your domain and your interest in joining. We look forward to releasing this new product to all of our clients in the very near future, and with your valued assistance in testing, it will be a very powerful and easy-to-use feature. If you have any further questions, please let us know. 2004-2005 ©