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New Account Feature, SVFilter

Sent: 2003/06/18
Audience: All customers

Spam--it is unsolicited bulk or junk email that clogs inboxes world- wide, and is perhaps one of the most annoying aspects of using email for communication.

In the past we've made changes to our systems to help reduce the overall amount of spam email on the Internet. By changing our policy on SMTP (mail sending) service, we eliminated the chance that spammers could use our network for their purposes. While these changes did not have a large impact on our own customers, it was in-line with the growing effort to prevent spam distribution. Unfortunately, there are still many networks with open mail relays and spammers still have a means to distribute their unwanted messages.

In an effort to further reduce this annoyance and make a real difference, one that our customers would notice and appreciate, Internet Connection has developed a system to filter spam email messages from mailboxes on our network - the SVFilter. By using a special scoring system, the SVFilter can accurately distinguish between legitimate email messages and those that are spam.

In addition to being able to identify and intercept bulk email, the SVFilter is also able to remove viruses sent via email. Messages that contain viruses are stripped of all malicious content and delivered normally.

The SVFilter can only be applied to email boxes in the Mailboxes section of the netConsole, and is not applicable to email forwarding addresses (aliases). By default, the SVFilter is not enabled for any email box and must be turned on by placing a checkmark under the SVFilter column next to the respective email box name.

Mailboxes that have the SVFilter enabled will receive reports throughout the day listing information about the messages that were identified as spam and caught by the filter. If the report lists a message you want to read, you may retrieve it. Retrieved messages will be delivered to your Inbox, but will continue to be filtered out in the future. If you would like to keep certain messages from being filtered at all, you may add sender addresses to your Whitelist so messages from those senders will always be delivered.

For more information on this new feature, please visit these pages:

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