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New Addition to Support Area: Searchable Email Knowledgebase

Sent: 2003/07/23
Audience: All customers

In our continuing effort to provide the most comprehensive and up-to- date support documentation for our web hosting customers, Internet Connection is pleased to announce the release of a new knowledgebase for the Customer Support Area.

There is a wealth of information going out of our Support Department on a dialy basis. We felt that much of the information the Support Desk provides in addressing technical support issues might also be applicable and useful to other webmasters and developers who are working with us. The Support Desk receives lots of questions covering a wide range of topics ranging from software integration, applications, cgi scripts, and database, to questions regarding the use and understanding of the many tools we provide the Webmaster, such as netConsole, netMail, and netAdmin.

The Searchable Email Knowledgebase is continuously updated as technical support issues are resolved, ensuring that the information it holds is kept up-to-date and relevant as we add new features. We maintain anonymity in the emails featured in the Searchable Email Knowledgebase by stripping identifying names, email addresses, and domains while preserving the relevant details surrounding the issue and its solution.

Webmasters can search this knowledgebase and filter for more relevant results in a number of ways:

Look over and/or try out the Knowledge Base.

The new Knowledgebase will add a significant amount of useful information to the already well-rounded body of support material featured in our Support Area. It is our intent that we provide not only the best in service, but also the best in support for our clients by offering useful tools, valuable reference material, and unparalleled technical assistance. 2004-2005 ©