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Changes to Hosting Packages and Relief From Viruses

Sent: 2003/08/19
Audience: All customers


As web technologies have evolved over the years, website design and development has increased in complexity. Gone are the days of just simple static html pages--Web Designers and Developers may now employ more complex technologies such as database-driven backends or lively multimedia presentations and videos. Whether your goal is to gather, organize, and present large amounts of information from a database, or if it is to provide your visitors with a lively and interactive user experience, database files and multimedia files will require more storage space on the server.

We recognize the increased disk storage needs modern web technologies impose, and we are pleased to announce a 50% increase in the disk space included with all of our web hosting packages. Our regular Linux hosting accounts, Solaris hosting accounts, and Windows 2000 Advanced Server hosting accounts, which previously included 200 MB, now feature 300 MB. Our Hybrid hosting account, which previously featured 300 MB, is now increased to 450 MB of combined disk space. This increase in included disk space will allow your websites to continue to grow at no extra cost to you.

* The billing of clients that were being charged for additional disk space will be adjusted, accordingly.*


In the past week, two of the hottest topics of discussion with our clients have been spam and viruses. These discussions were underscored by the Sobig virus that has recently been filling up email boxes and mail server ques all over the internet. Our Support Staff received many inquiries from our customers asking about spam and email virus filtration solutions. The majority were interested in a means to protect their inboxes from viruses like Sobig. As many of you may know, we have had our SVFilter spam-filtering system in place on our network for the past couple of months. Client feedback indicates great satisfaction with its ability to reduce spam, however, very few of our clients were aware that the SVFilter also works as server-side virus protection for your email account.

The Sobig virus represents the first major email virus outbreak since the release of the SVFilter, and has now brought its virus protection capabilities into the spotlight. With Sobig's initial attack, we were able to properly adjust the SVFilter to not only filter for this virus, but also increase the SVFilter's processing efficiency making it now almost 20 times faster than before. While the SVFilter does not normally place much delay in mail delivery at normal loads, this performance gain means that even during times of heavy spam volume (or in this case, heavy viral volume), you will notice very little, if any, delay in SVFilter's performance.

We strongly encourage all of our clients to take advantage of the this powerful feature included with all hosting accounts. Enabling SVFilter on your mailboxes will save you time from having to sort through annoying spam messages as well as protect your inbox from email-borne viruses such as the recent Sobig virus. Enabling this great feature is as easy as clicking one checkbox in your account's netConsole. More information regarding the SVFilter's virus-filtering functionality is available.

and more information on how to set up SVFilter on your email boxes can be found in the Customer Support Area.

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