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New Addition to About Us section: Our Technologies

Sent: 2003/09/30
Audience: All customers

Over the years, we have forged many strong relationships with our clients by getting to know them both professionally and as people. This partnership is further nurtured as they get to know who we are and what we are all about. We have often been asked about the technologies we use in providing our services, and our motivation behind our selections. The bottom line for us is to provide the best service possible, and it all starts with the technologies we use to bring you that quality of service.

We recently added a page to the About Us section of the website called "Our Technologies". Our intention is to answer many of the questions our clients have asked about our systems over the years. We feel this document paints a picture of not only our systems themselves, but also our philosophies by conveying the standards to which we adhere. In addition, this document will hopefully give any who read it a better understanding of who we are as a whole.

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