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Generate Income With Our Easier-to-use Cliq Thru Program

Sent: 2003/10/08
Audience: All customers

Over the past 10 years, Internet Connection has grown into one of the leading web hosting providers on the Internet, and now provides quality web hosting services to thousands of satisfied customers worldwide.

Our special attention to customer service and support has gained us a reputation for excellence in service. That reputation has spread far and wide by word-of-mouth as many of you refer your friends, family, or colleagues to our services. A considerable portion of our success is directly tied back to our clients referring business to us.

In sincere gratitude for your loyalty and kind words of praise over the years, we have created many client rewards programs.

One of these, the Referral Program is designed to give back to those who have contributed to our growth and our ability to continue providing you our services. With the Referral Program, if a person you refer to us becomes a customer, we'll send you $39.90 in a check or credit your account by $39.90, depending on your preference.

As an extension and alternative to our Referral Program, we also introduced the Cliq Thru Program. Like the Referral Program, the Cliq Thru Program provides you with a means to generate income by sending new business to Internet Connection. Unlike the Referral Program, which relies on your business and personal relationships, the Cliq Thru Program makes every visitor to your website a potential referral. Plus, the Cliq Thru Program provides an automated means of tracking new customers who find our company through a special link on our existing client's websites. And now, the Cliq Thru has been made even easier to use!

If a visitor to your website happens to also be in the market for web hosting, they can click on the Cliq Thru link or image displayed on your page(s) and be taken to our site. If they decide to become an Internet Connection customer you get the $39.95 referral reward just as you normally would through a word-of-mouth referral. It's like sending a referral without having to utter a single word, and still getting the benefits of our Referral Program.

Getting started with the Cliq Thru program takes only 10 minutes of your time. First you will need to sign up for a Cliq ID number.

Once you have your Cliq Thru ID, which will be sent to you via email, enter the Cliq ID number into the Cliq Thru Link Generator.

Next copy and paste the generated HTML code snippet into the web page(s) on your site you would like the Cliq Thru link or image to appear on. Your 10 minute investment can easily give you a continuous return of $39.90 for every signup resulting from your link! 2004-2005 ©