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Foster Customer Trust With the SSL Online Trust Program

Sent: 2003/10/16
Audience: All customers

Customers shopping on the Internet today have become accustomed to looking for the small padlock icon in their browsers denoting use of SSL encryption. However, even with the small padlock appearing in their browser window, many potential customers may still be uncomfortable submitting their sensitive information online.

By using the free SSL account that comes with your Internet Connection web hosting account, you have addressed one aspect of creating a secure shopping experience for your customers. The second and larger aspect web merchants should concern themselves with is in establishing online trust between themselves and their website visitors.

With the Internet being the anonymous medium that it is, a potential customer must ask, "How do I know I am submitting my information to a reputable online merchant? Can I trust that they, and only they, are handling my personal information and not some anonymous third party that could be posing as a reputable merchant?". Establishing online trust with your customers is an important ingredient that anyone who is serious about doing business via the web must consider. Just as it is important to provide an encrypted ordering process, it is also important to inform your customers of who is handling their secure information so they can trust their secure data to your forms. For this, we have designed a way for you to provide your customers the assurance they need in doing business with you through the web--the SSL Online Trust Program.

With the SSL Online Trust Program, we provide a selection of small attractive seals that you may place on your secure order forms and web pages to give their security a more visible and official backing. Besides providing a more visual indication that SSL encryption is active, the seal hyperlinks to your own web page at where Visitors can view your organizational contact details to get assurance that the form is, indeed, handled by your organization and not another organization they may not recognize. On this web page they can also find out more about SSL security and how it protects their sensitive information through your online form. This additional information provides further assurance to visitors who may still be wary of submitting their information via online forms. Here is a sample of what your viewers would see when they click on your SSL seal.

Adding the SSL seal to your secure forms and web pages is very easy, requiring very little time and effort on your part. Simply visit the SSL Online Trust Program Sign Up form to begin the process. First provide your domain name, then select a seal to place on your secure forms or web pages. Once you have selected a seal to use, click on the "Generate Code" button to generate the HTML code. Finally copy and paste the HTML code into your secure forms and web pages where you want the seal to appear. You do not need to download the seal image as it resides on the site.

These simple steps will foster online trust which gives your customers more confidence when providing their sensitive information on your secure forms and increases your bottom line. 2004-2005 ©