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New Feature for Hosting Accounts: Custom DNS Server Addresses

Sent: 2003/11/05
Audience: All customers

Are you looking for a no-cost way to give your company a more independent and professional Internet presence? We now offer a new feature for our clients to take advantage of just for this purpose: Custom DNS Server Addresses

Put simply, the Domain Name System, or DNS, is what makes a domain name resolve to the appropriate IP address. DNS was created to provide human beings with a meaningful and easy-to-remember "handle" for an Internet address.

DNS servers, the computers responsible for matching domain names with their respective IP addresses, are a very important part of the DNS system. Every domain name points to one, two, or more DNS servers that handle resolution for that domain. Typically, the ISP's or web hosting providers who operate the DNS servers will assign server addresses that bear their own company domain name. For example, our DNS server addresses are as follows:

You may already be familiar with the above addresses since these are the addresses we instruct clients to point their domain names to when they open a new account with us.

By offering, custom DNS server addresses, we now provide you with a way to have your own DNS server addresses bearing your domain name rather than ours (e.g. and

Most other web hosting providers do not offer custom DNS servers as an option. Those who do offer this option do so at additional cost both in setup and monthly fees. With Internet Connection, Custom DNS server addresses are now included with every hosting package we offer--at no additional cost!

Whether you are a reseller or web designer who hosts your accounts with us, or you have a single personal or business domain name, custom DNS server addresses give your organization a more independent and professional appearance in your domain's whois information. Because domain whois information is publicly available, custom DNS server addresses also provide an extension of branding for the web hosting or web design services you may be offering. For example, your clients domain names can be pointed to your own customized name servers:

Furthermore, utilizing your own custom DNS server addresses decreases the time it takes to resolve your domain name and can increase site performance. To get your very own Custom DNS server addresses on our systems, please fill out the sign up form. 2004-2005 ©