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Introducing Microsoft SQL Server 2000

Sent: 2003/11/21
Audience: Windows and Hybrid hosting customers

As website design tools have grown and changed over the years, more webmasters and web developers are integrating available technologies to enhance their website creations. Technologies such as database back-ends can work in concert with server-side scripting, allowing you to present a compelling and highly interactive experience to your e-business customers.

In the past, we have offered Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 to provide a robust database platform for use in concert with Windows Server hosting accounts. This added a very powerful tool that webmasters and developers use to enhance their websites' development and functionality. More powerful and better able to quickly handle large data volume concurrency than the Jet database platform (Microsoft Access); Microsoft SQL Server provides a dedicated database server platform that is preferred in many Windows-based e-commerce products and solutions.

Part of our committment to you is to not only provide the best service, but also the latest in useful tools and features. Following that committment is the introduction and support for Microsoft SQL Server 2000. SQL Server 2000 extends many of the features of its predecessor, SQL Server 7.0, making it an even more accessible and featured database platform to keep up with the growing data storage and query performance needs our Windows 2000 Server hosting customers have come to expect.

Using this powerful database platform with your ASP scripts and applications can give your site capabilities that had been previously reserved for high-end enterprise hosting solutions. For more information on how you can use Microsoft SQL Server 2000 with your Windows 2000 Hosting Package, and how get set up an SQL 2000 database, please contact the Internet Connection Support Desk by email or via telephone at 410-820-5678. Thank you for working with Internet Connection. 2004-2005 ©