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Internet Connection Account Branding Program

Sent: 2003/12/10
Audience: Windows and Hybrid hosting customers

Company and Organization Logos are found anywhere you find a commercial product. Even generic products have a logo, which may be nothing more than the manufacturer's own name. These marques serve as a constant reminder to consumers letting them know who stands behind those products and services. Customers whose minds have been ingrained with an image that they associate with specific products or services will be more likely to return to, or even refer others to, that same provider simply because of that association. So why not apply this beneficial marketing tactic to your hosting accounts?

Whether you host several accounts as an Internet Connection Reseller, or you have a single account for your own online presence, Internet Connection offers several branding options that anyone can use to easily brand netConsole, emailAdmin, and netMail using your own custom logos.

Branding can be a powerful marketing tool in interacting with your clients. Displaying your logo on the tools you offer your clients gives them a professional touch and reinforces your presence to your users. A recent marketing study indicated that the average person must see a logo at least 22 times before they will comprehend, retain, and identify that logo with a company or organization. Clients who use netConsole, emailAdmin, or netMail on a regular basis will easily attain such exposure to your presence.

Resellers who partner with us to sell our hosting services to other clients typically wish to be the face on their hosting accounts, replacing all references to Internet Connection with their own logos, thus obscuring our involvement in favor of their own. Web designers and developers can equally benefit by branding accounts whose websites they developed, giving a more professional and independent stage for their website creations.

In both cases, account branding exudes an air of credibility to the clients who use your services. The power you give your clients to easily administer their accounts through netConsole and emailAdmin, or the ease of checking their e-mail through a clean web-based interface, will all be associated with your company or organization. Rather than focusing on Internet Connection as the entity providing these powerful tools, it thrusts your name into the spotlight and exposes your clients to your name on all interfaces.

Even single account holders can benefit from branding their accounts with their own company or organization logo. The tools that users under your account can take advantage of, most especially emailAdmin and netMail, will be more tightly associated with your enterprise.

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