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Enhanced Security, Performance, and Functionality for PHP Users

Sent: 2003/12/18
Audience: Unix hosting customers

PHP is a popular scripting language employed by many of our customers to create dynamic web sites. Internet Connection has offered PHP support on our Linux and Solaris hosting accounts since version 3 and is pleased to announce that PHP version 4.3.4 is now available for installation from the web-based control panel, netConsole.

This latest release fixes security and performance issues associated with bugs in the previous version.

More details on what is new in version 4.3.4 is available at PHP's official website.

We highly recommend that all current users of PHP, upgrade their site's PHP installation. This is easily accomplished by going to the Package Installer tab of your website's netConsole. Simply uninstall PHP by locating it in the list of installed packages and clicking on the corresponding trash can icon to the right. Then, re-install PHP by selecting PHP the dropdown box, then clicking on the "install" button to the right. This will install PHP 4.3.4 on your site and should not affect your current code.

In addition to updating the version of PHP in the netConsole, we also included support for GD Graphics Library 2.0 for use with PHP. GD is an image manipulation library that enables your PHP code to create images on the fly. More information on the GD Graphics Library, including how to use it in PHP is available at the GD homepage.

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