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Server Software Upgrades: Moving to Apache 2

Sent: 2004/06/16
Audience: Unix hosting customers

In the next 24 hours the server hosting your website will undergo an upgrade to it's Apache webserver software. This improvement to our service is one of many that we feel will enhance your experience as an Internet Connection hosting customer.

Upgrading from our current version of Apache will provide a number of benefits, the foremost being an improvement in overall server performance. This directly translates into a better experience for your visitors as your static and dynamic content will be delivered more efficiently.

With this upgrade we will also be installing a new Apache module, mod_fastcgi. Implementation of mod_fastcgi will bring:

The upgrade process will cause 1 minute of downtime as we shut down the current version of Apache running on your server and start the new version. Essentially, the upgrade will be seamless.

Once the upgrade process is complete you will receive another notification. After receiving it you should look for:

The IC Support Technicians have spent a great deal of time testing this new version of Apache with websites on our network, and are confident that there will be few, if any, compatibility issues with your scripts and pages. If you do notice any problems with your site, please contact the IC Support Desk so that we may address them. We will be fully staffed during this transition period to quickly and efficently solve any problems that may arise.

For more information on Apache's mod_fastcgi, please visit this site:

Full information on the improvements made to Apache 2 can be viewed here: 2004-2005 ©