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Reseller Branding Updates

Sent: 2004/08/04
Audience: Resellers

* netConsole II
* netMail III

Internet Connection is getting ready to release a complete overhaul of our netConsole and netMail applications. Because you have or are a candidate to have branded these in the past, you're receiving this message to let you know what you need to do in order to have branded versions of the new netConsole II and netMail III.

You can see these applications in their default install by visiting:

Because changes are still being made to documentation, and bug fixes are still being applied, these URLs may be temporarily inaccessible. If you get an error message or are otherwise unable to proceed, you may contact our support department or simply try again in a few hours.

Rebranding each of these applications involve setting up a directory on [one of] your hosting accounts that will store the branded content. This will include style-sheet overrides (CSS files) and images.

Logging in to the netconsole2, the bottom of every page should read "Licensed to MyCompanyName" - where MyCompanyName is text that you had previously given to us. If it doesn't, or you simply want this text changed, please email corrections along with a list of domain names that you want the licensing text applied.

You can ask us questions, and provide feedback through our support desk via email at:
Or via telephone at 410-820-5678
Or toll-free (US resellers only) at 800-203-5678

In order to get started branding, you will need to download the media package for netConsole II and netMail III branding. You will find it at:

You will need to extract the media content, make the appropriate changes and upload them to a directory on your web site. You will then need to tell us what the full URL is to that web site. This would also be a time to supply any license-text corrections that you want made (see above).

If you have any questions about this issue please feel free to contact the Internet Connection Support Desk:

Phone: 410-820-5678
Toll Free (US resellers only): 800-203-5678 2004-2005 ©