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Emergency Server Migration This Morning

Sent: 2005/03/09
Audience: Customers Hosted on Sun Server "Rhea"

This morning a number of website/email hosting accounts were moved off of one of our failing Sun servers and onto a newer Linux hosting account. During the process of moving your account to another server, we had to reset some of the passwords used for FTP, telnet, SSH, and netConsole access. If you find that you cannot log in to the netConsole, or to your site via FTP/SSH/telnet, please contact us to reset your password.

In addition to password problems with the main user account, some mail users, authors, and members of password protected areas may also experience problems with their passwords. In most cases, these problems can be resolved by resetting those users passwords through the netConsole.

We've taken every step to minimize the effect this migration will have on the service to the accounts on this machine and the majority of those moved should not be able to tell that their sites have been moved. Email will function as it always has and any scripts used by the website should work. In short, for most of the accounts, this migration should have been a seamless one. However, if any issues arise with website or email, please contact us for swift resolution.

We appreciate your feedback and welcome your questions and comments about this issue. Please feel free to contact the Internet Connection Support Desk through these means:

Phone: 410-820-5678
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