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New Addition to NetConsole, Thumbprint

Sent: 2005/04/25
Audience: Linux Hosting Customers.

* With ThumbPrint You Never Have to Make Thumbnails Again!

Creating image preview thumbnails for pictures in a website is a common, and time-consuming, task. Maintenance of a thumbnail gallery is another issue in itself. Similar file names, old versions of thumbnails, and incorrect image quality are just a few of the problems you can have. And as expected, depending on the size of your gallery, or number of galleries that you have, the headache becomes exponentially worse.

To remove the tasks associated with thumbnail creation and maintenance from our own web development staff, Internet Connection created a program called ThumbPrint for our own in-house use. We are now pleased to release ThumbPrint for use by our website hosting clients as well. With this great tool you never have to create your own thumbnails again!


ThumbPrint is a dynamic and easily configured program that you install through the Package Installer section of your netConsole. Once installed, all you have to do to use it is set the quality, height and/or width of your thumbnails through the netConsole configuration. Then create an HTML file referencing all of the images that you wish to have a thumbnail for. For each of these images, specify the src attribute of your img tag to use a path like this:

<img src="/$$THUMB$$/path/to/image.jpg">

instead of this:

<img src="/path/to/image.jpg">

When your web page is requested, the /$$THUMB$$/ that is prepended to the path to your image will invoke ThumbPrint which analyzes the source file and creates the thumbnail. When the page is requested again, Thumbprint knows that the image preview was already generated, and will not need to generate the thumbnail again.


Changing the quailty, height, or width of your thumbnails is easily accomplished by either making changes to these attributes in the netConsole configuration or by creating a ThumbPrint configuration file in the directory with your images. As soon as you've saved your changes, all of your thumbnails will be regenerated automatically.

The ThumbPrint configuration file can also be used to override the settings in the netConsole so that you can customize your thumbnails on a per-directory basis.


To give the ThumbPrint script a try, go to the Package Installer section in your netConsole, select the ThumbPrint package, and click the install button. Full documentation on the ThumbPrint package is available here:

Thumbprint, automatic thumbnail maker docummentation.

If you have any questions about this new feature, please feel free to contact the Internet Connection Support Desk:

Phone: 410-820-5678
Email: support@internetconnection.net

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