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2005/05/23 PHP5 Now Available For Unix Hosting

Sent: 2005/05/23
Audience: Unix Hosting Customers.

PHP is a popular scripting language employed by many of our customers to create dynamic web sites. Internet Connection has offered PHP support on our Linux hosting accounts since version 3 and is pleased to announce that PHP version 5.0.4 is now available for installation from the netConsole.

PHP5 is deployed separately because PHP4 and PHP5 are not entirely compatible language-wise. If you have scripts that depend on PHP4 behavior, you can install PHP5 side-by-side for new scripts.

To use side-by-side, simply install both the "php" and the "php5" packages from your netConsole, and name files that should use the PHP4 engine so that they end in ".php4", while files that you want to use with PHP5 get named so that they end in ".php5".

If you already have PHP4 installed, PHP5 will not be used to run your existing scripts that end in ".php" so you can deploy new PHP5-based applications as gradually as you like.

If you're interested in migrating your PHP4 scripts to PHP5 so you can take advantage of the performance improvements and new features associated with it, consider reviewing the PHP Migration Guide available at:

PHP4 to PHP5 Migrating Guide

We will continue to maintain the PHP4 netConsole package as long as it is updated by the PHP Development Team.

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