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Increase Of Available Disk Space

Sent: 2006/01/30
Audience: All Customers.

As web technologies have evolved over the years, website design and development has increased in complexity. Gone are the days of just simple static html pages. Web Designers and Developers may now employ more complex technologies such as database-driven backends or lively multimedia presentations and videos. Whether your goal is to gather, organize, and present large amounts of information from a database, or if it is to provide your visitors with a dynamic and interactive user experience, database files and multimedia files will require more storage space on the server.

We recognize the increased disk storage needs modern web technologies impose, and we are pleased to announce an increase in the disk space included with all of our web hosting packages. Our regular Linux and Windows 2000 Advanced Server packages, which previously included 600 MB, now feature 1 GB. Our Hybrid hosting account, which previously featured 850 MB, is now increased to 2 GB of combined disk space. This increase in included disk space will allow your websites to continue to grow at no extra cost to you.

Those customers that had been using, and paying for, the use of additional disk space have had their account billing adjusted accordingly.

If you have any questions about this upgrade, please feel free to contact the Internet Connection Support Desk:

Phone: 410-820-5678
Email: support@internetconnection.net


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