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Moving Your Website to Internet Connection

Step 1. Create an Account

The first step is to create an account with Internet Connection.

After you set up your new hosting account with Internet Connection, you will be assigned an IP number via which you can visit your new dedicated real estate in the World Wide Web. The IP number, which you will receive in your confirmation email after account creation, will be in this format: If you pull up a browser window and enter this number into the address box, you should be able to see the temporary page for your hosting account. This is the space into which you will be moving your existing website content.

Step 2. Transfer your Content

Now that your hosting account is active, you or your webmaster can use FTP to upload your content to this new account. If you need assistance in moving your existing website, our support department will help you. You can contact support via phone ( 410-820-5678 ), email, support ticket, and AOL instant messenger ( screen name = ICSupportDesk ).

You can visit your website using your IP number and test it. Once you are happy that your website works as you want it to, the domain name switch may take place.

Step 3. Update your Domain Name's Record

To have your domain name resolve to the account you created on our servers, the domain's record must be updated with our name servers. Most companies that offer domain name registration provide you with with an online control panel, which may be used to modify information associated with your domain name, including its name servers. If your domain name provider offers an online control panel, simply login to it using the login information you chose when registering the domain and change the Primary and Secondary Name Servers to the following name servers:

IP Address:

IP Address:

If your domain name provider uses a method other than an online control panel to allow you to make changes to your domain, please consult them regarding how you may go about changing the name servers. Such changes to domain records are common, thus it is likely that the provider's FAQ will explain how to go about doing so. Our Support technicians can also assist you with this process.


Will my website undergo any downtime when I transfer my hosting service to Internet Connection?

No. Your website should experience no downtime while transferring to Internet Connection, provided:
  1. Your account is in good standing with the hosting provider you're transferring from.
  2. You set up and transfer your content to your Internet Connection hosting account before cancelling the service with your current provider. We can assist customers in moving their existing websites from their old hosting provider to our servers.